Describing Narrative in the Digital World

Contextus defin: 1. ordered scheme, plan/course 2. series, complex/whole of parts 3. structure/fabric (ref)

There are many ways to tell a story. We are working on telling them to our computers.

Our goal is to allow people to explore and analyse narratives, be they expressed within image, text, audio, video or any other medium or mix of media, through the annotation of those works with semantic descriptions. at a Glance

This website is intended to collect together information on the work being done on the semantic description of narrative.

  • The OntoMedia ontology was developed to describe content within all different types of media. For flexibility and ease of use the model was modularised, the scope of each module along with it's related entities, properties and some examples are explained in the Model section. The ontology has been presented at a number of conference and these papers are listed on the publications page.
  • The Stories ontology represents a more lightweight variation of the OntoMedia ontology which intergrates with commonly used ontologies for basic concepts.

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